Psicologo Edimburgo


Italian Psychologist Edinburgh

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A service of clinical psychology addressed to the Italians who live in Edinburgh and around Scotland

Being an Italian who lives abroad involves several aspects, first of all belonging to a different linguistic context. Working as an Italian psychologist or psychotherapist in Edinburgh (and more generally in Scotland) means giving a chance to get access to a service where Italians can express themselves through their native language, since this work is based entirely on communication through words.

When we speak ‘another’ language we experience the foreignness of a language which is not ours, struggling to say what we want and how we want. The problem of being understood is central when we deal with psychological issues. In this case a word does not work as another, as well as all the shades and expressions we commonly use to express ourselves wouldn’t mean the same if translated.

Thus, this service has been established in order to consider the foundamental bound between language and psyche, and the role of the psychologist is an attempt to be a useful resource among the health and social services available in Italian in this city and, more generally, in Scotland.

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